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Published on April.02.2019 Published by Tukyys

When comparing genuine leather shoes vs shoes made out of synthetic materials, most people often point out the price difference. Unfortunately consumers tend to lean more on synthetic shoes, thinking it is a better option. However the truth is actually the opposite. Genuine leather shoes tend to last a lot longer and provides health benefits, where shoes made using synthetic materials fail to do so.

Lets look at few key reasons to choose genuine leather shoes over anything else;

- Genuine leather shoes are breathable, which prevents sweat and odor.

- Compared to synthetic shoes, genuine leather is a lot more durable and resistant to rip and tear.

- Due to flexible nature, genuine leather shoes mold according to foot shape and provide more comfort and ease of use.

- Unlike synthetic materials, genuine leather does not contain any chemicals.

- Genuine leather shoes are more resistant to water and can withstand better compared to synthetic shoes.


Experts strongly advise parents to choose genuine leather shoes for their little ones.