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At Tukyys, our handcrafted shoes are made out of the highest quality 100% genuine leather upper, lining and innersole. A good, breathable leather provides an anti-bacterial environment for the child's feet. These shoes, equipped with a breathable lining and innersole, ensure  moisture will be eliminated and feet will be left dry and bacteria-free.

Soft leather lining shoes tukyys


The heart of any shoe is the insole. The most upfront negative affects on the foot can be directly correlated with the material used in the manufacturing of the insole, and, more specifically, how well it can breath or "air out". Shoes with soft leather lining are the best for young feet.


Ankle and arch support tukyys

Shoes with arch support prevent risk of flat-foot development from early ages. Shoes with heel and ankle support provides more protection. As a parent, you could ideally prevent and eliminate most foot related issues that would affect your child for the rest of his/her life by supplying quality shoes.

heel support tukyys


non-slippery rubber sole tukyys

Our non-skid rubber sole shoes are designed to provide traction, preventing slips and falls for your little ones, as well as remaining solid enough to withstand shocks caused by movement and friction.



velcro closure tukyys shoes

Our Velcro closure is perfect for toddlers and kids, quickly adjustable for perfect fit and easy to put on and off.

It is recommended by specialists that toddlers and little kids wear light-weight shoes that allow their feet to move and develop naturally.