The full development of a child’s balance and compensatory mechanisms takes years to develop and mature. Early years of life are the most important for child’s foot development, however foot related interference can occur at any stage of a child’s life. Such occurrence can develop into serious imbalances and many other health conditions.

Shoes with arch, heel and ankle support offer the utmost protection, comfort and better balance and grip for little feet.

It is important to keep in mind that shoes with arch support help reduce stress on the body. Which means reduced foot pain causes less exhaustion. Shoes with arch support also improve posture and prevent flat-foot.

Understanding and choosing the right shoes for toddlers and little kids is critical for many health factors. Materials used in the process of making such shoes is also very important.

The best shoes for toddlers and little kids are made of genuine leather that enable feet to breath and have rubber sole for traction. Breathable genuine leather creates anti-bacterial environment for feet.

It is recommended by specialists that toddlers and little kids wear light-weight shoes that allow their feet to move and develop naturally.

Shoes must fit perfectly for comfort, safety and proper foot development, so adjustable Velcro closures are perfect for easy on and off.